Sauce LA for Makers

We know how hard it can be to make an impact and create a space for yourself in the market. We’re here to help!

We operate a full service boutique marketing, PR, social media and brand development agency, Sauce LA. We work with many of the city’s top restaurants, chefs and brands and have launched more than 75 projects with our clients since we launched Artisanal LA in 2010.

Whether you’re just launching your brand, master minding an expansion, or dreaming up something new, we’ll use our team’s expertise to get the word out, get your brand noticed, and most importantly, help to ensure your long term success.

We're More Than Just Publicists
We don’t rely on press releases alone to get our clients noticed and traditional PR isn’t the only tool in our shed. Instead, we strongly believe that developing a marketing strategy that uniquely brings your brand’s personality to life—whether it’s an irreverent ruler-breaker in need of street art, or a high-end sophisticate craving coverage in the country’s highest of highbrow publications—is the best way to effectively get, and keep, your brand in the hearts and minds of potential consumers. We know this is especially true for makers who need a whole host of services to effectively to get to market.
Our Clients
We don’t follow the trends. We create them. We work with lifestyle creatives who are looking to stay ahead of the game including many of the city’s top chefs, award-winning restaurants, sold out events, boutique hotels and new to you brands. We’re behind-the-scenes marketing and marketing  and PR gurus, developing innovative media strategies—from viral, grassroots, and social media to local word of mouth marketing campaigns—that generate measurable results for our clients and their brands. If everyone’s talking about it, we’re probably working behind the scenes on it.
Sauce LA for Makers
Our consulting packages for makers are exclusive to our fellow entrepreneurs and include a range of standard services we know you need and may not have the budget for. From brand consultations, to social media content development and strategy, to wholesale expansion to PR placements and desk side introductions–we work with our makers to assess their needs and create unique holistic strategies to meet their goals for one flat monthly retainer. Instead of relying on long term contracts, we focus on building long term relationships and work with all of our partners through the complete life cycle of their projects.

Want to know more? Contact us at dawson@saucela.com to get the conversation started.