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I wanted to update you with my success at your last show. I have received almost 10 new orders and without you I wouldn’t have made those contacts! So I wanted to thank you again for helping me grow my business. I think for us, the big AH-HA is that Artisanal is “a gift that keeps on giving”. Here we are seven months after the show and we’re still receiving inquiries on our products. We’ve successfully made several rather high profile partnerships as a result of our participation in this year’s Artisanal, but what we’ve found interesting is that these ventures have all happened months after the fact. The point being this: We’ve come to understand that Artisanal LA is a venue for laying the groundwork for future relationships. Some may come quickly, others, well,  they just may be worth waiting for, and that, we’ve experienced first hand.”   Jolie Mesmer, Laguna Salt


Artisanal LA events put vendors in front of their core consumer, generate substantial media attention, open doors to new opportunities and provide an opportunity for exposure to an amazing demographic with disposable income and a genuine interest in connecting with artisans and buying local. This isn’t another farmers or flea market – our events set the standard in LA and attract the masses. Our promotional campaign leading up to events ensures our events will bring awareness to your brand and provide the opportunity for you to connect with thousands of eager foodists, influencers and press who may have never been able to see you elsewhere, in a genuine and authentic way. Our mission is to support community and small business owners like ourselves, so all of our vendors attend our pre-event Vendor Planning + Marketing Meeting hosted by experts in the field (including ourselves) to help you increase sales, learn to manage your reputation online and fully utilize this promotional opportunity.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014: Fall Applications Open

Friday, August 15, 2014: Fall Early Application Deadline for Discount Booth Rates

*** save $50 – $200 on booth fees when you apply early! ***

Monday, September 15, 2014: Fall Application Deadline for Regular Booth Rates

Monday, September 15, 2014: Fall Vendor Meeting

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What is a standard 10×10 booth?

A standard booth is an aisle space that measures 10×10 and includes three white hard walls.

What is the difference between a corner booth and a column corner booth?

Some corner booths include a small, square, white support column in the space, which, for some, is a premium as it offers an anchor for décor and booth set up. Regular corner booths are free from any obstruction.

What is a “premium booth” location?

Premium locations include those that are placed in high traffic and/or prominent and highly visible locations. There’s no such thing as a “bad” booth placement in our layout, however, there are a few highly coveted spaces which are referred to as “premium” locations.

How can applications be submitted? Can they be dropped off? Sent by email?

Application and Agreement can be sent via snail mail to our mailing address or signed, scanned and emailed. There is no mail slot accessible at our building, so drop offs are not recommended unless prior arrangements are made with someone on the team to meet you or you come during the “office hours” of one of our scheduled open houses.

How long will discount booth fees be honored?

The deadline to take advantage of discounted booth fees for the 2014 Fall Show is Friday, August 15th. All applications must be received or post dated by this date or the regular booth rates will apply.

Can I select my booth placement?

Ours is a curated event and vendors may select aisle, corner, column corner and/or premium placement, however, the exact location of the booth is dependent upon numerous variables and will be selected by the Artisanal LA to ensure the optimal vendor mix and layout.

Can I be placed near or further from similar vendors? 

As this is a curated event, we place all vendors to ensure an optimal vendor mix and layout.

Can I share a booth? 

Vendors may share booths at the show and should indicate their intention to share a booth on the Application and Agreement.

If I share a booth, will someone be assigned to me or do I need a booth mate?

Vendors may indicate on their Application and Agreement a preferred vendor to share with. In cases where the vendor does not have a pre-designated booth mate, we will do our best to place as many as possible with ideal partners for sharing. In the event you do not have a booth mate to share the booth with and a suitable partner cannot be identified, we will notify you to work on another option, or as matter of last resort, a credit for a future show.

Do you accept Cottage Food Vendors?

Yes. All independent food producers at any level are eligible to apply.

Do you accept vendors outside of Los Angeles? 

Yes. All independent makers whose products are made in the USA are eligible to apply. We feature local makers from numerous markets including Brooklyn, Austin, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and beyond.

Do you accept non-food vendors?

Yes. The Artisanal LA consumer shows in Spring and Fall feature independent makers of home goods and edibles, which includes, but is not limited to, cutting boards, kitchenware, kitchen apparel, housewares, utensils, knives, appliances, electronics, plants, seeds, gardening goods, natural pet foods and products, composting supplies, and other items relevant to the “foodie”, kitchen enthusiast, urban farmer, or home chef.

Do you accept fashion or jewelry vendors?

While the event is not a showcase for fashion and jewelry, we do occasionally accept vendors whose products are relevant to our audience, for example, jewelry made from reclaimed silverware, bags suitable for the farmers market and clothing geared for the cook or urban farmer. If you believe your product is right for our audience, please feel free to submit an Application + Agreement for review.